A new system with benefits for the water circulation!

Creating a good water circulation in swimming pools is difficult, but very important. With that fact Variopool has been working behind the scenes to come up with a unique solution, and with great success! In close cooperation with architects and water treatment companies, we have developed the water inlet system. A new patented Variopool system that is built into the movable floor and benefits the water circulation. Even the color test shows greatly improved results.

We often discuss with consultants, water purification system suppliers and local authorities about disturbing the proper water circulation in pools with moveable floors. Especially regarding the dye test (color test) which must be achieved within 30 min but it is well known that it remains difficult, even with numerous perforations (grids) in the floor deck and additional water inlets in the pool bottom slab.

This patented and integrated water distribution system ensures a 100% perfect water circulation above the movable floor at any desired water depth. The system is connected to the various integrated and controllable water inlets via flexible hoses and integrated piping system. The water handler provides the various PVC wall penetrations (number, diameter, and location are project-related) including the connection to the filter installation. A motor-controlled valve must be included in the supply line which is controlled by a signal from our main switch box. (4-20mAmp or 0 – 10 mV.)

Curious to know how it exactly works and which technology we use? Please feel free to contact John via j.gielesen@variopool.nl or call +31 (0) 6 51 59 48 89.