Activities in your swimming pool

A movable floor is not only practical but also offers the possibility of developing additional activities in the swimming pool. Not only does the bottom have many benefits for swimmers, but it is also possible to develop other activities in the swimming pool. It only requires a little creative thinking. But to help you on your way we will give a few examples of fun events for your own swimming pool.

Fun activities for in the pool

Through our relations we regularly receive nice updates of activities that they have devised themselves or together with another party. This can be a simple setup with aqua bikes. Then this aqua bike can be partially submerged in water so that it becomes more difficult to cycle. But also all kinds of other fitness options are possible as you can see on the pictures. Don’t worry if the movable floor can hold the weight, because that’s no problem at all.

There has even been a complete orchestra playing on the movable floor in the highest position, and another swimming pool has even had a piano put on it. Those are heavy things that the movable floor has no problem with. Check our You Tube channel for more example videos.

Fashion show in the swimming pool

One of the nicest activities is the fashion show. This is done in a swimming pool in Poland. The movable floor was set at a depth of only a few centimeters so that the models were just up to their ankles in the water. A very nice idea! In a swimming pool in Hoorn there is a water soccer competition organized for the children during a summer holiday.

In short, much is possible with a movable floor from Variopool. Gigs, awards, speeches, and so on. Organized something nice yourself and can we tell you further? Feel free to email us with photos.