Angel-Eye and Variopool are teaming up!

The handy help for the lifeguard

In a swimming pool with a large audience, it is a task for the lifeguard to ensure that no accidents occur in the pool. Both on the platform and certainly underwater. To see what happens under the water surface and to keep an eye on things underwater is not easy. Certainly not when it is very busy. The Angel-Eye anti-drowning system takes care of this!

Angel-Eye is the solution!

This system is designed to monitor the safety of the swimmers. As soon as an unsafe situation occurs below the water surface, the system will make a report of this. This is immediately passed on to the connected mobile devices. This can be a mobile phone but also a regular screen. For example, a body on the bottom is registered within a few seconds. Variopool thinks that this product will be a very good addition to the existing product range. The complete information about this product can be found elsewhere on this website. If you need specific information, please contact us.