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Another project in Hong Kong

After the succesfull completed project Victoriapark Variopool goes to Hong Kong again! This time the Hong Kong International School will get a movable floor. The engineers of Variopool are already working on the technical drawings for the movable swimming pool floor. In the end of 2016 we start with the shipment and the installation of the movable floor. We do this in commissioned by Prominent Technology Enterprise LTD.

The Hong Kong International School is organizing a lot of activities and sports for the students who stays at the campus in the weekends. With a movable floor of Variopool they can give swimming lessons or organize swimming competitions. The multifunctional swimming pool can be used for students of all ages.

The movable pool floor has a size of 25 x 13 meters. In the first quarter of 2017 the project in Hong Kong will be completed.

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For more information about this project you can contact our Sales Manager John Gielesen.