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Contact with our sales team

Do you have a (sales) question, suggestion or do you just want more information about the products of Variopool? Please contact one of our Sales Managers. Each sales manager has his own region in which he operates. On the map you can see which person this is for your area.

For contact and service you can call us on phone number +31 226 333 000 or send an email to or by filling in the contact form on this page. We will contact you as soon as possible to answer all your questions!

Contact (EN)

Sales Managers

Henk Bart

Henk Bart, Account Manager

John Gielesen

John Gielesen, Account Manager

Kevin van Schenk Brill

Kevin van Schenk Brill, Sales Support

Lanny Wallart

Lanny Wallart, Account Manager

Ruud van der Wijst

Ruud van der Wijst, Sales Manager

Front office and Marketing

Priscilla Spaans

Priscilla Spaans, Marketing and Communications

Service en Onderhoud

Bianca Pronk-Buisman

Bianca Pronk-Buisman, Service and Maintenance


Jelle Kuipers, Service and Maintenance

Richard Jeijsman

Richard Jeijsman, Service and Maintenance