Great new project in Siheung, South-Korea

The Olympic Winter Games are still going strong but between the games our local partner Saehan Corporation Ltd closed a deal for a great project in Siheung, South-Korea. Together we may install a movable floor in the Aquatic Centre in the city Siheung. The floor has a size of 25 meters x 21 meters and is made of stainless steel with high quality polypropylene.

Beside the movable floor we will also install a traversable bulkhead of 21 meters x 1 meter. With this bulkhead it’s possible to split one swimming pool in two pieces which ensures for even more possibilities in the same water surface. Traversable bulkheads are really easy to use for the swimming pool staff using our automatic boom mover buggy’s. We think that is an extra advantage. Fast and easy the pool complex can be totally changed and converted to a multifunctional Aquatic Centre.


We are really proud of our local partner Saehan Corporation. In the month november of 2018 the Aquatic Centre will be opened with a festive opening.