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Health institution Reinaerde understands; a movable floor is essential

At health institution Reinaerde in the dutch Utrecht they understand a movable swimming pool floor is essential in a therapy pool. We removed the old movable floor and after that we installed a new one. At this institution they use the therapypool for people with a physical limitation of all ages for different kind of activities. This will improve the motor skills and movement in the water will get easier.


The swimming pool has a size of 6 meters x 4 meters. The movable floor in the therapy pool has the same size so the settings of the floor can be on the same height. The efficiency of hydrotherapy is widely recognised by medical professionals. The use of movable swimming pool floors and bulkheads is a must to guarantee the best results, as they allow the various target groups to make optimal use of the therapy pool facilities at Health institution Reinaerde!