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Let’s go to Abu Dhabi for a therapy pool!

A new project for Variopool, and this time in the United Arab Emirates. Namely in the emirate Abu Dhabi. For a swimming pool intended for therapy, we will install a movable floor with a size of 14 meters by 5 meters. We will also install two disabled platforms. These will ensure that the disabled in the swimming pool can safely and independently enter the pool. In many situations, disabled people are dependent on the help of people, and it is fantastic when this is offered. But it is very nice for those to take care of themselves. The disabled platforms offer a nice outcome for this situation.


Finally, we also install an underwater treadmill in Abu Dhabi. An underwater treadmill provides efficient training. He can of course be set in different paces, and the patient does not have to reverse at the end of the wall. There can be a lot of focus on walking and the exercises themselves. Underwater, of course, you are easily weightless, which is perceived by the patient as pleasant.