Movable floor replacement in Melbourne

In December of 2019, the Variopool team finished working on a movable floor replacement project in Ashburton, a suburb of Melbourne. The floor measures 12 x 10 meters in a therapy pool. The existing floor was English-made and about 20 years old.

Out with the old one, in with the new

Preparations started in May 2019 and a 40ft container was shipped to Melbourne at the end of August. This container arrived in Australia after a journey of approximately 2 months. The project was largely carried out by local companies with which we collaborate under the supervision of René Langendoen. The old floor has been removed, a new floor has been installed, a new electrical installation has been installed and the hydraulic installation has been overhauled. The pool remained in use and the therapy pool had to be out of operation for as short a time as possible. All supply and removal of material and people had to go through the rear of the swimming pool to limit the inconvenience. The entire project was completed within a 3-week period, including wet installation. The bath was put back into use immediately after completion.

The project went without significant problems and the customer was extremely satisfied afterwards.