Two temperatures in the same swimmingpool

Worldwide innovation in the world of swimming pools, movable floors with an integrated hinged isolation fence! The Variopool integrated hinged isolation fence is designed for creating two different temperatures and in two separate individual areas. When not in use the hinged fence is laying horizontally and is completely integrated in the movable floor construction. Once raised
up the fence acts as a safe partition between two areas and is the isolator for keeping the temperature in the pool separated. The structure consists of a sturdy 316L stainless steel frame finished with polypropylene mounted to the frame.

Two temperatures possible by using an integrated hinged isolation fence

In De Waterlinie swimming pool in Culemborg, the Variopool assembly team installed a movable swimming pool floor with an hinged isolation fence in the floor. This is also unique for Variopool! Now it is possible to divide the pool, built according to the 2521 concept, into two separate parts through the isolation fence. This is called a 2TEMP solution.

By using a so-called isolation fence, it is now possible to use two temperatures. As soon as the fence is up, the temperature is raised in one of the baths. This is for example very nice for very young children or for the elderly. A special project, where we have applied beautiful innovations. A more recent project with this 2TEMP solution we have engineered and installed in a swimming pool in Klaipeda. Do you want to receive a product sheet of this product? Click here.  #innovationworks #2temp