Drowning prevention system for pools

One of the most important things in a swimming pool is drowning prevention. The growing popularity of fitness and recreation centers, as well as swimming and leisure centers, has led to the creation of many aquatic parks and high-quality private and public pools that attract an increasing number of users. The diversity of visitors forces the managers to organize their service offerings accordingly, upholding increasing highest quality standards while paying special attention to guarantee their clients a safe service. It is in fact of the essence to give swimmers certainty and the awareness of being in a facility where the safety level is high and one’s safeness is constantly monitored with regard to the greatest danger: drowning.

Drowning prevention: Angeleye watches over the swimmers

To protect the swimmers the law requires supervision with the help of qualified personnel monitoring the pools. This activity is somewhat difficult, as the bottom of the pool is difficult to see (because of reflected light, waves, and floating swimmers do not always permit a full view of the activities at the bottom of the pool). Distraction is also a factor. To ensure that swimmers are safe and to provide the bathing facility with the highest safety level possible, we proudly introduce AngelEye LifeGuard. AngelEye is a safety system specifically designed to control the activity of the swimmers in the swimming facilities; the system can evaluate dangerous situations and let the lifeguards know that there is an unsafe situation in progress.

How can we prevent drowning accidents

The best thing is supervising. With the help of our Angeleye system. Thanks to AngelEye new visual technology, a new lifeguard monitors all the activities at the pool, with no distractions. Get more information about this great system via our International account managers. They will answer all your questions regarding this system.