Watertoys and sprayparks

Varioplay is the exclusive supplier of Empex Watertoys in the Netherlands and Belgium. Also create a unique interactive water paradise for your playground, swimming pool, camping, hotel or amusement park. Watertoys has the solution for every size of water playground, for children of all ages. With a choice of numerous themes, you always have a unique design to your liking and needs. The playground equipment can be used for playgrounds with different water levels. More specific information about Spray parks you will find on the website of Varioplay.

Watertoys in any size or color

Empex playground equipment is of durable quality and has a long lifespan. The materials used are resistant to salt water and water with chlorine, and also have little trouble with rust or corrosion. The playground equipment is easy to maintain and also easy and quick to install, without complicated materials or foundations. Of course, all playground equipment is tested for safety, so that children can play without worry.

Sprayparks make swimming an adventure

Varioplay now offers large, interactive water parks and Spray Parks. The Spray Parks are easy and quick to install, with no need for embedded anchors or complicated materials. The products are made of plastic and come with a lifelong guarantee, so you will almost never have to worry about rust or corrosion.

Empex products offer endless opportunities and a diverse range of options, from slides in all kinds of shapes and sizes to water guns and interactive water carousels. If you can imagine it, we can deliver it – huge playgrounds for kids so amazing they won’t believe their eyes. We can work with you to create a park and ensure that the look truly fits your needs. Each park is custom made and you can choose from a range of colourful options.

Spray Parks are quick and easy to install, with no need for embedded anchors or complicated materials. All Spray Parks materials are resistant to both salt and chlorinated water, and the units are easy to clean and maintain. Parents can let their children play with peace of mind, knowing that all of the play equipment has been tested for safety.

Do you want to know more?

Spray Parks can be installed around the swimming pool or in a water park. The individual elements that come together to create the park as a whole can be fixed to the deck of an existing pool. The water play equipment can also be added to the shallow end of a pool, transforming part of the pool into a play area. More specific information about watertoys and sprayparks you can find on the Varioplay website.