Aat de Jonge swimming pool in Dronten with movable floor

Variopool has done another installation in the municipality of Dronten, the Netherlands. This is the Aat de Jonge swimming pool. Our installation team has recently been working on the installation of two movable swimming pool floors. In the competition pool a movable  floor which measures 15.4 x 10 meters with flap, and in the instruction pool one of 15 x 10 meters.

Starting blocks and staircase

In addition, starting blocks have been placed on the edge of the swimming pool and both pools have a lazy staircase in a niche. The work was commissioned by Van Dorp installations. The swimming pool builder is Dijkstra Draisma and Optisport will run the facility. The official opening of this swimming pool is on 14 February 2020. Another great project of Variopool.