Allwetterbad Flingern project in Düsseldorp finished

In the German town of Flingern near Düsseldorp, the installation teams of Variopool worked hard on a wonderful project in the Allwetterbad Flingern. The old swimming pool is closed and a completely new swimming pool has been built. And a swimming pool is not complete without the movable floors of Variopool.

Multiple movable swimming pool floors with logo

Variopool has installed no fewer than three movable floors for this beautiful project in Germany. In the first instruction pool there is, in addition to the movable floor of 10 x 12 meters, also a wide staircase installed of no less than 10 meters width. This staircase moves with the up and down with the floor. A movable floor of 10 x 12 meters including stairs is mounted in the other instruction pool.

And finally, a 25 x 7.5 meter floor has been installed in the competition pool, including a staircase in a niche. All floors bear the Variopool signature in the form of our company logo. In short, a project that we can be proud of again! Want to know more about this Allwetterbad? Then take a look at their website.