Multifunctional sports complex Aquapelle opening soon

At the end of June of 2020, our project leaders finished working at the brand new Aquapelle swimming pool. The pool is built in Capelle aan de IJssel in the Netherlands.

Multifunctional sports complex

The Aquapelle sports complex is the new catchy name for this new sports complex where the whole of Capelle will soon be able to swim and play sports. The new sports complex is increasingly taking shape. A multifunctional swimming pool in combination with a sports hall will be built on the corner of Alkenlaan and Pelikaanweg, where the IJssel College used to be. Construction is progressing smoothly and it appears that the complex can be opened in early September. The new swimming pool replaces the outdated pool.

The following has been carried out by us: two polyester movable floors, one for the target pool (15 x 10 meters) and the other in the competition pool (15.4 x 10 meters with flap), both equipped with the water inlet system. Also, we took care of the pool equipment such as the Stainless steel stairs, racing lines, waterpolo goals, starting blocks, lazy stairs and an i-Swimlift.

A beautiful complex to which we gladly contributed.