Aquatics Centre Irvine, Scotland

Since January ’17 the city Irvine, Scotland Since features a brand new sports complex. There are built two swimming pools in the complex and they provide a target pool and a competition pool, both of their own activities for different audiences.

A multipurpose pool is often used, for example, for senior gymnastics, swimming therapy for injured athletes or swimming lessons to disabled. These are a number of examples, in order to illustrate the diversity for the public is the target pool. To ensure that these activities can be organized in the target pool, we have installed a movable bottom with dimensions of 13 meters x 8 meters. The target groups who use here can easily yourself in the pool, thanks to the integrated stairs with which persons with reduced mobility can enter the pool.

There is also a competition swimming pool in the Sport Centre, so that official matches can be swim. In the competition pool, we have built a wheelchair lift that disabled people can still use the pool even if they are in a wheelchair. Due to the presence of the movable floor and the elevator is the complex multifunctional. There are different water depths between 0 and 1.50 m set and thus there are many activities for different audiences.