Big project Campus Sursee completed

This beautiful Campus Sursee is located in Sursee, Switzerland. A huge sports complex that is equipped with many facilities and is suitable for National and International swimming Championships and other major sporting events. It includes an official FINA 50m competition pool of Olympic proportions with 10 lanes. Variopool completed the installation. Let us tell you all about it.

50m competition pool of Olympic proportions in Sursee

Variopool installed a movable floor with a flap of 25 x 12.5m in the Stainless Steel competition pool. The advantages of a movable floor can be read elsewhere on this website, but it has proven its worth countless times. On the wall next to the swimming pool hangs the water depth display which is managed by a seperate control panel. In addition to the movable floor, there is also a headwall in the pool on which the starting blocks of Swiss Timing are mounted. Beside this headwall there is a horizontal traversable bulkhead that can divide the bath into two separate parts. The big advantage is that you can use the competition pool for more than just competitions. This horizontal bulkhead can be moved with the so-called mover buggies. With this mover buggies on two sides of the pool the bulkhead can easily be moved across the swimming pool. As last, a ‘mobile’ staircase in the bath is mounted.

Stainless steel stairs, a Waveball and much more

The adjacent Stainless Steel pool is equiped with a so-called Waveball. Waves are made in the pool by means of a weight in the ball. When the waves are at their highest point, the ball automatically drops down to keep on the waves at a fixed rhythm. This bath is used for diving exercises and Aquafit. Variopool supplied every accessorie such as water polo goals, racing lines and an iSwim lift so that users with reduced mobility can easily get into the pool.

Overview Campus Sursee sports complex

This beautiful new complex is equiped with a 25m pool with five lanes, a 50m Olympic swimming pool with 10 lanes, 700 seats on the grandstand which can also be expanded to 1500 seats, a relax pool for babies and seniors with a water temperature between 32-34 degrees, a fitness hall and several halls for various other sports. In short, this is a complex that definitely takes sports to a higher level.