De Waalslag swimming pool in Tiel commissioned

The work of our team has been completed and the new De Waalslag swimming pool in Tiel (the Netherlands) is now open for public. Both Variopool and Varioplay were able to deliver and install the necessary products here. In the target group pool, a 15 x 10 duo floor is installed, including a ramp that moves with the floor. The advantage of a ramp is that everyone can now enter the water more easily. Including people who use a wheelchair.


In addition to the ramp, a movable disabled lift, iSwim, has also been installed. This lift can easily be positioned at the edge of the pool and the swimmers can easily be helped into the water by the lifeguard. Afterwards, the lift can easily be pulled over again.

In the other pool, Varioplay took care of the pool equipment. This includes the racing lines, water polo goals with related accessories, floor pots and starting blocks. On the long side of the pool, a huge LED screen is placed on the wall on which scores and advertisements can be displayed.

In addition, a provision has been placed in the bottom that makes it possible to equip the swimming pool with the AngelEye system in the future.