Den Ekkerman in Veldhoven with three movable floors

commissioned 2021
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In Veldhoven, the Netherlands, Variopool finished working on the Den Ekkerman swimming pool. We took care of three movable floors, three water inlet systems and the pool furnishing. The pool interior includes a water polo system. Zwembad Den Ekkerman is a cosy swimming pool that is primarily aimed at families with children up to the age of 14 and adult people who want to keep moving by swimming in lanes and/or taking part in our various exercise classes. The new pool has been built on the spot where De Rank primary school used to be, near the existing pool and sports hall. The ‘old’ Ekkerman will remain open until the end of the Christmas holidays, emphasizes manager Minette Lommers, who will hold the same position in the new City Sport Veldhoven. During the Christmas holidays everyone can say goodbye to the old Ekkerman. Many Veldhoven people have grown up with it. On 10 January you can swim in the new pools for the first time.

Three swimming pools in one complex

The new complex, costing more than 13 million euros, has three pools, just like Den Ekkerman, which dates from 1978. The largest pool is with 25 x 17 metres 2 metres wider than the largest Ekkerman pool. That was mainly done for water polo. Next to the sports pool is a multifunctional pool of 20 x 10 metres, which is the ‘successor’ of the current round recreational pool. But without things like a big slide”, says Jos Blatter, chairman of the foundation Sport- en Recreatiecentrum Den Ekkerman. Such a pool is not really of this time, so we have consciously said goodbye to it.

The third pool is a therapy pool, which like the other two pools has a movable floor. The smallest of the three pools is primarily intended for exercise classes and babies and toddlers. It is also easily accessible to the disabled.

Multiple movable floors at Den Ekkerman swimming pool

We have installed no fewer than three movable floors at this swimming pool. Each pool now has the possibility to adjust the floor to a desired height. The sizes of these movable floors are 17 x 10 metres, 20 x 10 metres and 12 x 8 metres for the therapy pool. These three floors increase the possibilities for this pool enormously.

The largest movable floor is used for the pool where water polo is also played. And also underwater hockey. For this, the floor had to be completely smooth. Finally, an innovative water inlet system has been installed in all three pools, which certainly benefits the water circulation. Please read about all the advantages of a Variopool pool on this separate web page.