Hinged wall and movable floor in Pila swimming pool

Via our sales office in Poland we get in contact with the Aquapark in Pila. A beautiful swimming pool with many possibilities. And to expand these possibilities even further, we met with each other and it was decided that the installation of a movable floor of 25 x 4.25 meters and a hinged wall of 25 x 0.5 x 2.75 meters would take place in this pool.

More options with a movable floor

The advantages of a movable floor are many. Not only you can accommodate  more swimmers in one day, You’re revenue will go up. We can give you enough examples of this. Elsewhere on this website we have made a short video in which you can see how many different target groups you can have on one single day.

The hinged wall has the advantage that the swimming pool is divided into two sections and two different disciplines can take place. After use it folds back into the bottom and is again one large swimming pool.