Kortrijk swimming pool with movable floor

Variopool is busy working with installations in Belgium. Recently we came into action and we have installed a movable floor and a vertical bulkhead in the Kortrijk swimming pool complex.

Three-part vertical bulkhead and movable floors.

We installed two movable floors. One of 8 x 25 meters and the other one is 8 x 22 meters in size. Complete with water depth displays, warning lights and sound. The movable floors can be easily operated from the side by the available pool staff. The most striking product is the large three-part vertical bulkhead. In this way it is possible to make different configurations in the swimming pool in combination with the floors. The goal is to use the swimming pool as efficiently as possible and multiple target groups can be present in the pool at the same time. We wish the visitors of this beautiful swimming pool in Kortrijk a lot of swimming pleasure. On to the next installation!