Movable floor and pool covers in Davout

Variopool recently installed another great project in Davout, France. This is a project in the Yvonne Godard Piscine in Paris. A beautiful swimming pool with many facilities. It was a complex project for Variopool, as a result of which many people from Variopool worked on it. Each with its own specialization. But the result is something we are proud of! The pool has a movable floor with a flap in a size of 25 x 12.5 meters.

Two swimming pool covers

We also installed two swimming pool covers. One of 25 x 7.5 meters, and the second of 25 x 10 meters. The big advantage of a swimming pool cover is that when the pool is closed, the water can also cool down less quickly. This saves costs. For more information about swimming pool covers, you can also visit the website of our subsidiary Variodeck.