Movable floor with integrated hinged wall 2.0

We just finished a new project in the Norwegian town of Flesberg. This concerns the installation of a movable swimming pool floor with a flap which sizes 25 x 5.5 meters. What is special about this project, and that is why we call it ‘hinged wall 2.0’, is that the hinged wall is integrated in the movable floor. This is unique and an innovation of the Variopool engineers. We have also realized a similar project in Culemborg, but due to the integration of the hinged wall in the movable floor this has become a new chapter in engineering. Something we are all proud of.

Hinged wall up for two temperatures

The advantage of this hinged wall is that when it is up, two swimming pools are created. This way we can also have two different temperatures in the different pools. The swimming pool in Norway is built according to the 2521 concept and is scheduled to open on mid-October 2019.