Multiple installations for swimming pool in Mol (Belgium)

A large project has recently been completed in Mol, Belgium. The swimming pool is a design by Slangen and Koenis Architects and the water treatment is done by Hellebrekers. The Competition- and therapy pool now with movable floor.

One floor measures 25 x 5.5 meters and is installed in the competition pool and the other one is 12.5 x 8 meters. To be able to use the competition pool for multiple purposes, it has also been decided to install a hinged bulkhead in the pool. As a result, the pool is divided into two parts with the advantage that several target groups can use the pool at the same time.

Waterpark for small children

In addition to the sporting element, we have been able to construct a water park together with the Varioplay engineers, including a beautiful polyester water slide. So even the youngest can now play for hours in the water. The products are executed in beautiful striking colors.