Piscine de Paquis, Geneva, Switzerland

In the center of the city of Geneva in Switzerland Variopool supplied a movable floor for the renovation of a public swimming pool of 25 x 12 m. Before the renovation, Piscine de Paquis had a concrete duo bottom in the tiled swimming pool. This has been renovated with Myrtha panels. When the customer heared about Variopool they were quickly convinced that our system had to be installed in their swimming pool.

A stainless steel PP duo bottom with screen. Initially, it would be a fixed screen of PP panels that would disappear vertically into the existing niche. The screen is made of polyester U-profiles and is 12m long. Guided gutters have been made in the walls that come out of the ground horizontally with a bend. This is built in with a depth of 60 cm.