Private movable swimming pool floor in Voormezele, Belgium

In addition to major projects in international public swimming pools, our subsidiary Holland Aqua Sight also supplies and installs solutions for a private swimming pool floor. We can also realize a movable swimming pool floor for this so that you can enjoy this concept at home too.

Private swimming pool floor for in your own swimming pool

Turn your swimming pool into a party zone or office. If the pool floor is set to the highest position, you can also use the room for other purposes. The movable floor can be finished with every conceivable top layer, so that it becomes one with the rest of the floor in the room. In addition, the private pool floor also serves as a pool cover and the water stays at the same temperature for longer. And that saves energy costs again.

Movable swimming pool floor with integrated staircase

The project concerns a movable floor in a private pool of 11 x 3 meters with an integrated staircase. Because there was not enough space in the basement around the pool to place the NDS cylinder, it was made watertight in the bath. The staircase is only 520 mm wide and it was a big challenge to make this staircase stable. Now that we are ready, the steps will be provided with the same tile as on the movable floor and the terrace.