Major renovation of Swimming pool De Kuil in Bodegraven

The Variopool mechanics started to work in Bodegraven this summer. Swimming pool De Kuil is being renovated, and the target pool will be equipped with a duo-movable pool floor of 25 x 12.5 meters including a ramp. The new competition pool will have a movable pool floor of 15 x 9 meters with flap. The competition pool is surrounded by a grandstand that is 80 cm higher than the arena. There will also be a family slide, a central hall with catering facilities, changing rooms, an association room, and an open facade over the full length of 40 meters towards the sunbathing area.

In addition, Varioplay ensures the delivery of the waterslide.

Slangen + Koenis Architects are responsible for the design. The construction of the new swimming pool is being done by Vaessen BV. The outdoor swimming pool was kept open as long as possible this summer, during the construction of the new pool. The new swimming pool will be located on the current site of De Kuil, but where the sunbathing area and the toddler and medium-sized pools are now located. On the side of the Sportlaan, an extension of the gym.