Hinged wall renovation in Hoornse Vaart swimming pool

The Variopool team has completely renovated a hinged wall in the Hoornse Vaart swimming pool in Alkmaar. In 2003 we mounted our first wall in this pool. The customer was already quite far in the construction process, but still wanted a partition in the 50-meter pool. To meet this demand, we then devised the hinged wall.

Replacing the hinged wall

The wall has been used extensively over the years, but was really in need of replacement. The water was not allowed out of the pool so it was decided to renovate the existing wall. The existing hinges and drive were used. With the help of the gantry crane, we removed the existing retaining wall in 2 parts from the pool in March of 2020.

The wall was then completely stripped and provided with new sheeting, which was secured with sealant, bonding tape and flat countersunk screws. In addition, the wall is equipped with an anti-slip coating with T-marks and track numbers (a long-cherished wish of the swimming club). In mid-June, Variopool replaced the hinged wall with the new green gantry crane, which went very well. The full installation was completed in one week.