Two movable floors installed in Porsgrunn, Norway

Once again, the Variopool team has finished a great job in beautiful Norway. This time in the public swimming pool kjølnes svømmehall in the town of Porsgrunn on behalf of Pooltech AS.
We recently completed a similar installation in nearby Flesberg but in this case we were asked to supply two movable swimming pool floors measuring 25 x 5.5 meters and 25 x 10 meters within one pool tank.

Isolation wall to handle two varying temperatures in the same swimming pool

The larger movable floor is equipped with a standard ramp, while the smaller comes equipped with a ramp as well as an integrated hinged wall – we would like to refer this as version 2.0 because of the unique piece of engineering that is incorporated therein. Another beautiful piece of craftsmanship from our people!

The advantage of this isolation wall is that once it is raised, it creates a separate isolated area inside the pool. This allows for two different temperatures to be present inside one pool tank at any given time. There is also a pivoting six-step staircase which can be mounted on either movable pool floor for easy access.

In short, a project we are proud of!