Two-temp solution for swimming pool in Workum, Netherlands

Last week Variopool finished a special project in Workum. This is a small place in the North of Holland. In their sport complex called De Rolpeal, Variopool installed a movable floor and a hinged wall. The bottom has a size of 25 x 5.5 meters and the hinged wall measures 25 x 0.3 meters. The special part of this project is that the swimming pool can be used with two temperatures.

Designing this Sports complex is done by Slangen and Koenis Architects, the complex itself was built by Jorritsma Bouw. In De Nije Rolpeal, Hellebrekers is responsible for all technical installations in the field of water treatment, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.

Special project in De Rolpeal.

Besides the installation of the movable floor and the hinged wall, there is something special to report about this project. After the hinged wall has been placed upwards, it is possible to work with two different temperatures in the two swimming pools that then arises. For example, competitive swimmers can swim in one pool while small children can swim in a pleasant temperature in the other part, with the movable floor in a higher position.

This is the second Variopool project in which two temperatures are applied in one swimming pool. You will soon read more about the third project.