Local theater De Kampanje now with Variopool hall

Extend brand awareness locally

Theater de Kampanje has a new partner for the coming season, namely Variopool B.V. This makes the company the new name giver for the big hall. From now on, the largest theater hall may carry the name ‘Variopoolzaal’. Variopool is the successor of Den Helder Airport.

De Kampanje has a large selection with beautiful shows

De Kampanje theater will also be brought to the attention in the Netherlands and abroad, because Variopool customers are brought to beautiful shows on the program of the theater. The new building of the Kampanje theater was opened in October 2015 and has several halls. The largest theater hall is the Variopoolzaal with a capacity of 748 people, including 2 balconies. Without the 2 balconies, the capacity is 454 people. As a kick-off of this new partnership, Variopool has already been able to attend the show of cabaret artist Roué Verveer, who performed in the Variopoolzaal.

But of course this is not the only comedian who performs here. Also Dutch artists like Sara Kroos, Arjen Lubach and Youp van ’t Hek will soon be reviewed. The hall will not only be used for performances but also for events such as GameDay, TEDX Den Helder, business rental and various amateur and school performances. Variopool is proud to contribute to this beautiful theater.