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Variopool is a company that operates globally. We produce and installing movable floors for public and private swimming pools, supplying swimming pool equipment, spray parks and we manufacture underwater windows. We have several divisions as you can read on this page. Since 2021 we are also known as the VarioGroup.


Holland Aqua Sight

Holland Aqua Sight is a subsidiary of Variopool specializing in underwater windows and transparent plastic that can be used in pools, shopping centers, and hotels. Not only do these windows give a glimpse of the swimmers in the pool, they also create a special atmosphere. Have a look at the Holland Aqua Sight website for more information on its products.


Variodeck, one of the subsidiaries of Variopool, supplies and installs a wide range of pool covers in different sizes. These pool covers offer plenty of advantages. Their effective insulation layer cuts energy costs by almost 70%. Moreover, the Variodeck covers keep the water clean for longer and create a safe environment for children.

Variodeck offers a wide range of options in terms of shapes, sizes and integration methods. We can even replace the foam or rolling slats on existing systems. Moreover, our covers are available in various colors or in a solar version. Have a look at the Variodeck website for more information.


Looking for polyester water slides, spray parks, or attractions? Variopool is the place to be! All plastic and polyester products are covered with UV coating and are available in various RAL colors. The slides come in different diameters, lengths and heights, and they can be equipped with light and sound effects, making them attractive to various target groups. Last but not least, all components are manufactured in compliance with the highest quality standards.

Moreover, Varioplay offers many types of water play tables. This equipment allows young children to use regulators to operate and guide water streams, familiarising them with water from a tender age. These play tables can be installed in any pool up to 30 to 40 cm deep. Visit the varioplay website.

Swim systems Sweden

Swim Systems sells swimming pool products in the Scandinavian countries, but for some products such as Antiwave swim products they support the entire European market. Visit the Swim Systems website