Pool covers

Variodeck is a part of the Variopool Group and we deliver a pool cover for any swimming pool and in different sizes and shapes. Together with Variopool we can offer a total package while moving the movable floor in the night stand and cover the remaining area with a Variodeck system.

Swimming pool cover

The pool cover range of Variodeck offers many benefits. The great insulation result in energy savings of nearly seventy percent. This is not only an improvement for the environment but also saves considerable operating costs. Not only swimming pools outside loses warmth but also indoor pools. A cover of Variodeck ensures that evaporation is reduced to a minimum. The bathing water stays clean by applying a cover of Variodeck and the area around the pool will be safer for children.

A cover in any size or shape

There are many possibilities for different shapes, dimensions and integration of the system of Variodeck. In addition, the covers are available in various colors or in a solar version. Besides that it is an easily operated system. Any questions about Variopool and our products? Please feel free to contact us.