Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Variopool defines the corporate social responsibility with attention to the environment, sociality and profit balance and is tailored to the expectations and goals of the company itself. Because of the global character of the projects Variopool is working on are our colleagues travelling a lot. We try to combinate trips we make so we make as little kilometers as possible. But emitting CO2 is unfortunately inevitable.


The products and installations of Variopool are free of any risks. We are really strict for the safety of our colleagues and of course the safety of the users and staff of the swimming pool of the Variopool products. We guarantee safety if the products  are used appropriately. Safety is an important part of the corporate social responsibility.


Variopool is sponsoring the Dutch highdivers Inge Jansen and Uschi Freitag. These women are really succesful divers and win a lot of medals. They won the silver medal during the FINA Diving Grand Prix in Madrid en Uschi won individual a bronze medal at this event.

We also sponsor the Dutch men’s team waterpolo from Langedijk. They have new caps with Variopool’s logo. Let us hope for a lot of victories of the men’s team of club ‘De Reuring’!