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Variopool is a leading company which is specialized in the design, installation and maintenance of movable swimming pool floors and bulkheads for swimming pools. We owe our dynamic growth of the last years to a continuous focus on innovation and high product standards provide you with custom solutions that suit your needs. Our products helps you to get the most out of the water surface, which, in turn, attracts a wide variety of target groups. You can use the swimming pool for a lot of different activities which ensures more visitors in the swimming pool complex. How that works? Contact us!


A movable floor or bulkhead increases the flexibility and functionality of any competition, hydrotherapy, public pool as it allows one single pool tank to accommodate several activities simultaneously or at varying depths. Our reference list includes over 1075 installed movable swimming pool floors and bulkheads found globally in some of the world’s most famous aquatic centres and pool accommodations. At Variopool we believe in continuous innovation and dynamic growth. We stay focused on improving our products and installations. After all, a satisfied client is like a gold medal to us!

Movable floor replacement in Melbourne

In December of 2019, the Variopool team finished working on a movable floor replacement project in Ashburton, a suburb of…

best wishes

Best wishes for 2020 an behalf of the Variopool teams!

It was another great year with beautiful projects! We can only state that 2019 has been a good year for…


Swimming pool in Siheung ready for use

Variopool and its partner Seahan Corporation have visited the new swimming pool complex in Siheung (South Korea) where a DUO…

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