New product launch: Area H20

Varioplay has something new again! As of March 23, 2022, we are launching a brand-new innovation in the field of movable pool floors. With the addition of this interactive game element, not only can the water be transformed to recreational use, it is also the introduction of gaming into swimming pools and thus an innovation that both the elderly and children will intuitively move through.

We call this innovation: Area H20!

Area H20: the next level in water entertainment

Colorful fountains, interactive games for children, playing together, having fun. These are just some things we can mention when we talk about this new product. Seeing is believing! On our Varioplay website we have an extensive introduction ready for you so you can get a good insight of the possibilities. Including a nice mood video to support it. And we also launch the website

Our international account managers will be happy to tell you all about it!