AngelEye drowning prevention system

The popularity of large swimming pools is increasing hand over fist and, as a result, the pools are also becoming increasingly crowded. AngelEye keeps an eye on things for you. In doing so, it is very important for pools to keep an extra close eye on the safety of their visitors. It is important that visitors are aware that the pool does everything possible to prevent drowning and maintains a high level of safety.

AngelEye drowning detection system as an extra eye for the lifeguard

Besides qualified personnel who personally supervise the pool, there are other things to consider. Think of reflection on the water, movement in the pool and if there are many activities going on at the same time, the lifeguard’s view is often limited as well. And then there are the distractions. But fortunately, there is a solution that is seen as the lifeguard’s extra eye; we proudly introduce the AngelEye Lifeguard.

Safety above and below water for swimmers

The AngelEye system is specifically designed to monitor swimmer safety in large swimming pools. The system can assess dangerous situations and indicate if an unsafe situation is in progress. An underwater camera records the situation and transmits it directly to mobile devices. Think of a mobile phone and special watches. If the system registers an unsafe situation such as a body on the bottom, it sends an alarm signal within 15 seconds. However, the system is also very smart and recognises false alarms.

High level of safety through AngelEye

The implementation of the AngelEye system consists of a number of phases. First, a layout is developed that exactly matches that of the swimming pool. Then specific detection portholes are designed by the brand which consist of two models; a deck hatch or recess portholes. We will work with you to find the best solution for the pool. The final stage is the installation and proper adjustment of the central unit. Finally, an extensive test and inspection takes place.

Variopool has successfully installed the system in several swimming pools.