The Variopool headwall is suitable for professional use. It meets all the standards and requirements set by the FINA. In accordance with the latest European standards, the headwall connects to the fixed pool wall so that there is no risk of swimmers becoming trapped by it. The professional design has proved itself in practice. It is equipped with features that make it easy to attach starting blocks and competition lines. We have already installed the headwall in projects such as Budapest and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

The headwalls are designed in such a way that the forces of the downward jump of the swimmers are absorbed.

Headwall technical specifications

– Material construction RVS 316L frame construction (pickled and passivated)
– Material finish Polypropylene sheets 20 mm thick with integrated perforation
– Load max. 200 kg/m²
– Colour polypropylene White (RAL 9010)
– Length: 25.0 m
– Width: 1.0 m
– Height: 0.3 m