Pool lift

In a swimming pool, besides stairs and disabled platforms, there are other types of pool lifts to get visitors into the water. Through our subsidiary Varioplay, we supply a range of other solutions for this purpose. We are talking about the different types of Variolifts, the Handi-move or a Poolpod. For the right choice of pool elevator, you can think of the following options:

  • pool lift with stretcher
  • Pool lift with lifting strap
  • pool lift with chair
  • mobile pool lifts
  • pool lift integrated in pool wall
  • Poolpod

What do you look for in a mobile pool lift?

The first thing you can look for is that the base of the whole lift is not too wide on too high because you want to be able to drive past everything well. If you do not opt for a mobile version, there is also the option of choosing an elevator that is placed at a fixed point in the platform of the pool. After placement, the visitor can take a seat in the chair and be suspended above the water by a staff member and then lowered into the water. This can also be done with a motorized system if necessary. Remember that most pool elevators can carry up to 150 Kg. There are special elevators for heavier people. Consider the Poolpod. This has a lifting weight of up to 250 Kg.

Want to know more about our pool elevators? Click through to the Varioplay website for more detailed information on this subject. Or ask our staff a question via the contact button. We are happy to help.