Swiss Timing Equipment

Variopool has set up a unique partnership with Swiss Timing equipment of Switzerland. Swiss Timing is a company of the Swatch Group Ltd specialized in the supply of timekeeping, data processing, television and results display services on behalf of the Swatch Group brands such as Omega, Longines, Tissot or Swatch and providing equipment and scoreboards to sport complexes and sport event organizers.

Swiss Timing is also an official partner of major swimming organizations like FINA (International Swimming Federation), USA Swimming or Swim Canada and through the Omega – IOC partnership the official timekeeper of the Summer and Winter Olympic Games.


From now on Variopool will actively offer the complete product range of Swiss Timing in the Netherlands and Belgium. Being able to provide this alongside Variopool’s own products, Variopool can provide a wide variety of components for each pool. Among these products are touch-pads, starting blocks, timing devices, scoreboards, starting guns, etc.

Variopool is very proud of this collaboration with Swiss Timing and we will take this chance to expand our knowledge of the swimming pool industry and also to position ourselves as an absolute expert and market leader.


To measure the time, a start system and finish detection system is required. The start, operated by an official (the starter), includes voice transmission to signal instructions to the swimmers, and a start device to generate audible and visual signals. The start system distributes the signals to multiple loudspeakers within 1/1000th of a second, counteracting any disadvantage due to the speed of sound across the pool.

A touch panel is mounted on the wall in each swimmers lane. Our patented design registers a touch anywhere on the pad surface, whilst eliminating ghost touches from water movement. Every touch is sent to a central timer, stored and if verified as an official intermediate or finish time, shown on appropriate displays. So the Swiss Timing equipment works really easy for the pool staff.