Swiss Timing Equipment

Variopool has entered into a unique collaboration with the firm Swiss Timing from Switzerland, a company belonging to the Swatch Group Ltd. Specializing in timing equipment, data analysis, and result displays of renowned brands such as Omega, Longines, Tissot, and Swatch, Swiss Timing provides comprehensive equipment for sports complexes and sports event organizers, including every edition of the Olympic Games.

Swiss Timing for swimming competitions

Swiss Timing is an official partner of major swimming organizations such as World Aquatics (formerly FINA), USA Swimming, and Swimming Canada, thanks to its partnership with Omega – the IOC partner and official timekeeper of the Summer and Winter Games.

Variopool and its subsidiary, Varioplay, distribute the complete range of Swiss Timing equipment for the Dutch and Belgian markets. This range includes touch-pads mounted on the short side of the pool, against which swimmers tap for their time registration, as well as their starting blocks, scoreboards, and starting pistols. Variopool takes great pride in this splendid, longstanding collaboration and sees opportunities to expand the range and expertise further within the swimming industry, positioning itself as an absolute specialist in all aspects related to the swimming sector.

Swiss Timing’s Role in Swimming

Swimming competitions boast a massive global fan base, drawing immense interest from enthusiasts worldwide. Collaborating closely with FINA, the governing body for aquatic sports, Swiss Timing and its sister company OMEGA have been at the forefront of pioneering innovative timekeeping services, technologies, and equipment tailored for both pool and open water swimming events.

Pool Events:
Swiss Timing’s suite of services and cutting-edge technology caters to a diverse array of swimming races conducted in 25- and 50-meter pools, ensuring accurate and efficient time measurement.

To precisely measure time, a start system and finish detection system are essential. The start system, managed by an official known as the starter, incorporates voice transmission to relay instructions to swimmers and a start device that emits audible and visual signals. This system distributes signals to multiple loudspeakers, mitigating discrepancies caused by the varying speed of sound across the pool.

Familiar touchpads, affixed to the wall in each swimmer’s lane, register touches within a specific pressure range, typically between 1.5 and 2.5 kg, anywhere on the pad’s surface. This calibrated pressure threshold helps prevent erroneous “ghost touches” resulting from water movement.

Open Water Events:
For distance events, Swiss Timing introduces the Open Water Gate, strategically positioned at the race’s start, finish, and intermediate locations. This setup enables continuous time measurement, recording, and display throughout the race. The finish gate features touchpads equipped with vertical transponder antennas, while intermediate gates utilize horizontal transponder antennas to capture signals from wrist-worn transponders worn by swimmers, capturing data “on the fly.”

Additionally, high-definition cameras mounted on poles serve as a dependable backup system, particularly useful when athletes’ timings are too close for accurate ranking solely by the transponder system.

Swiss Timing’s Service Scope:
The comprehensive timekeeping of competitive swimming events necessitates a wide range of timing, data handling, and distribution services, all expertly provided by Swiss Timing. For more specific information, click here.