Water slides and attractions

Let’s get wet and slide into your pool!

Varioplay provides solutions in the field of water rides and water play. You can come to Varioplay polyester water slides. All plastic and polyester products are provided with an UV coating and are available in different kind of RAL colors. The slides and attractions are available in various diameters, lengths and heights. By combining this attraction with sprayparks with light effects, sound and music, they are appealing to different audiences. All components are manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Water slides are all the fun you need

Besides the array of water slides, Varioplay will offer many possibilities with regard to water tables. This is a game element for young children and the opportunity to control water flows with controllers and control. This will teach young children early with water to go. All materials we are using for the water attractions are child friendly and safe to use. The water table may be placed in all bodies of water with a depth between 30 to 40 cm.

Water slides are always a very popular attraction for children and adults in water parks and swimming pool complexes. The slide is an open water tube slide of which the upper half is open. Just like the enclosed tube, the water slide is available in a range of colors, lengths and curve types. The tube and the water slide are often combined, with part of the slide open and partly closed. Create an even more playful slide experience by adding light and sound to the tube.

Spray parks will upgrade your pool

For more information about water slides, sprayparks and other attractions you can also check the website of Varioplay. There you will find for example a couple of projects we already completed with our sprayparks or water slides.