SLK Klinik Heilbronn, Germany

At Variopool we are not unknown with Aquatherapy with a movable floor and the advantages of this kind of rehabilitation. In the medical branche our movable floor is widely endorsed and it is not a secret anymore you can achieve maximum results with Variopool floor. It is almost indispensable nowadays. Because of that reason we will install a movable floor in the hospital SLK Klinik Heilbronn with a size of 8 meters x 6 meters.


The movable floor will ensure that people can get into the water in a comfortable way by itself. The depth of the swimming pool can be adjusted to the height where the rehabilitating patient at that time is critical, making the rehabilitation process personal can be customized so the rehabilitation will be accelerated. This project in Germany will be completed in late 2015 , so it can be used for hydrotherapy.