Brand new swimming pool De Neul in Sint-Oedenrode

In Sint-Oedenrode, the brand new swimming pool De Neul was opened yesterday by the local alderman. This under great interest from the press and invited guests. There were also people from Variopool present and we saw how the pool was officially put into use.

Sustainable swimming pool complex

The new pool was built very sustainably using the latest techniques and materials. They are very proud of this in Sint-Oedenrode. And rightly so! The pool has a sleek appearance and has everything on board that may be expected from a modern pool. The competition pool and the target group pool both have a movable floor, the floor in the target group pool is equipped with colorful fountains for extra fun.

The competition pool has a lifeguard detection system which acts as an extra pair of eyes for the lifeguard. The pool also has a ramp and disabled elevators so that everyone can enter the pool independently. In short, this is a pool they will enjoy for many years to come. Read the complete report and view photos of this pool via our Variopool website.