Variopool starts sponsorship in the Porsche Supercup!

The Adrenaline of Motorsport: Top-level sports is top-level sports, whether it happens in a swimming pool or on a racetrack. Passion, perseverance, and enthusiasm for a particular sport can propel someone to great heights. One of the sayings at Variopool is “we support champions,” and we are proud to live up to that. Variopool CEO Marco Coesel has entered the world of motorsport, and Variopool is one of the sponsors of Porsche Supercup driver Jaap van Lagen.

The Porsche Supercup has been a part of the Formula 1 calendar for decades, with a focus on European races. The season consists of 8 races, starting and finishing in Italy (first Imola, then Monza). In between, there are races in Monaco, Austria (Red Bull Ring), Great Britain (Silverstone), Hungary (Budapest), Belgium (Spa-Francorchamps), and the Dutch F1 Grand Prix at Zandvoort.

A World of Speed and Performance

The Porsche Supercup is one of the world’s most prestigious racing championships, where the best drivers compete in powerful and precisely tuned race cars. As a sponsor of a race car in this adrenaline-pumping series, Variopool contributes to promoting motorsport at the highest level. We support the passion and determination of the drivers and contribute to the spectacular spectacle that the Porsche Supercup offers.

Just like the race cars in the Porsche Supercup, we strive for reliability and excellence in everything we do. As a sponsor with an affinity for sports, we understand the technical precision and perseverance required to be successful in this challenging competition. Through our sponsorship, we demonstrate our commitment to supporting talent and encouraging performance on the racetrack.

About Jaap van Lagen

This year, Jaap will be driving a Porsche for the Italian team Dinamic Motorsport. It is a renewed collaboration with the Italian team from Reggio Emilia. Already in 2021, Jaap drove a guest race for Dinamic Motorsport. “I knew that there was a lot of interest in the seats in the Supercup. That’s why I invested a lot of time to secure my place well before the start of the season. I’m very excited that I have a seat again.”

With the Italians, the veteran driver joins a well-oiled machine, with an experienced team manager and an engineer who has been active in Porsche brand cups for decades. The team is the reigning champion in the Italian Porsche cup and has already achieved multiple successes in the Supercup.