Benefits of a movable floor

The installation of a movable floor in a swimming pool offers a lot of benefits. You can use the water surface of your swimming pool with more efficiency. A movable pool floor makes your pool more interesting for different targets and activities.

With a movable floor you can change the depth of the water which makes the swimming pool interesting for a lot of specific targets on one day. In the morning the pool can be set to use for swimming laps. Afternoon you can set the pool on for example 1.30 meters which makes it possible to organize Aqua Zumba. A bit later the pool can be set on 50 centimeters so there can be given swimming lessons for beginners. This will result in more visitors, a better customer satisfaction and greater operating figures.


The system to use the products of Variopool are really user-friendly. It works totally automatic, and the water depth can be changed in a couple of minutes. There is no manpower needed to set the movable floor in another position.


Here you can find a couple of benefits of a movable floor in your swimming pool:

  • More targets at the same time in a swimming pool;
  • Saving energy;
  • React on trends like;
  • The movable floor is flexible in use;
  • The swimming pool has a longer life span.