Movable pool floor – how it works for you

Having a movable floor installed in your swimming pool offers you many advantages. The main thing is that more efficiency is obtained from the water surface and that the swimming pool is interesting for various target groups. Because there is more possibility for various activities in the pool, this will generate more income. Why is that so? For example, Aqua Zumba can be organized on one side of the pool while that particular part of the floor is raised to the highest position, and for which tickets are in most cases a bit more expensive than for general activities that can also be offered without a movable floor. On the other side of the pool, where the floor is set at a different depth, you can swim laps. For this, the ticket prices are usually slightly lower.

Movable floor with variable depth is the ideal solution

With a movable floor, the water depth can be set to different heights, in order to make the pool interesting for different specific target groups in one day. From flat on the pool bottom to the same height as the water surface. For example, you can set the pool at two meters deep in the morning, so swimmers can swim their laps, and in the afternoon at 1.40 meters, making it possible, for example, to organize an Aqua Zumba or other lesson. Later in the day, the pool can be set to fifty centimeters, so that swimming lessons can be given to children. This leads to more visitors because each target group has its own interests in different activities. And of course, the more visitors, the more income.

What is a movable floor in a swimming pool?

  • Multiple target groups can carry out their activity in one basin at the same time;
  • It is possible to respond alertly to trends in the swimming pool;
  • Less water surface is needed for various activities;
  • The swimming pool has a longer lifespan;
  • You save on energy costs;
  • The movable floor can be programmed flexibly;
  • More income can be generated by a pool with a movable floor
  • Advantages of the movable floor are immediately noticeable in visitor numbers;
  • The multifunctional movable floor in the pool can be used for endless purposes;
  • When the pool complex is closed to visitors in the evening, the pool floor can be used as an energy-saving cover. The floor on top of the water ensures that the pool loses as little heat as possible.

User-friendly operating system

The system of the Variopool installations is very user-friendly for the swimming pool staff. It works fully automatic and the water depth can be adjusted within a few minutes. No manpower is required when adjusting the depth settings. The floor settings are controlled via a touch panel on the side of the pool or from the lifeguards’ room. While the floor is in motion, a warning signal can be heard in the pool so that the public knows that the floor is being set.