Saltwater swimming pool with movable floor in Blankenberge

Opgeleverd 2024

Certain projects require an elevated level of attention, and the project in Blankenberge (Belgium) is one of such nature. The new sports complex named “De Sportdoze” will open its doors to the public on April 27, 2024. Sports facilities, a reception desk, swimming pool, cafeteria, and administrative offices will then be housed within a single building. As Variopool, we have been working on this project internally for over two years, as we had to use specific materials for our movable pool floor for this assignment. This was due to the fact that the pool would be filled with saltwater. Thus, Blankenberge boasts the only indoor seawater pool in Belgium.

Additionally, the assembly was largely carried out during the wet assembly process, which posed a challenging aspect of the whole endeavor. Our technicians have almost all contributed to this remarkable yet beautiful project and therefore deserve a commendable mention.

Salt and freshwater in the pool

The 25-meter pool with eight lanes and a movable floor of 20.5 by 7.5 meters with a flap of 3.3 meters will be filled with seawater. This provides an ideal environment for swim clubs, individual swimmers, and recreational swimmers. In addition to this sports pool, there are also a children’s pool, a new toddler pool, a whirlpool, and a slide. These recreational pools and the instructional pool are filled with fresh water, with stairs installed spanning the entire width of the pool. However, the water in this pool is treated with chlorine, as is customary in regular pools.