Movable floor public pools

A movable floor is indispensable in a modern, contemporary swimming pool. If you are not familiar with this concept, you may wonder what the advantages are. We have listed them on this page. The Variopool movable floor has been designed based on a floating concept. Other systems that are known work with a scissor system. The big advantage of our floor is that we do not have to drain the pool for maintenance. This will save a lot of time and extra costs for heating up the pool again. The system is constructed from stainless steel and/or PVC components. Any desired depth can be adjusted by means of cables. These cables are completely resistant to long-term immersion in swimming pool water and also allow for a high load. Our mechanics work exclusively with high-quality materials, so that the floor in the public swimming pool lasts longer than twenty years. We can make a floor in almost any size, so that it is suitable for many applications.

Movable floor for swimming pool

Our movable floors meet the highest quality standards, also in terms of hygienic requirements. Grates are incorporated into the surface of the floor to ensure that water circulation is not interrupted. The drive system is located outside the pool, which excludes water contamination by hydraulic oil. The pool floor is equipped with access hatches that allow divers and cleaning robots to access the bottom for maintenance and cleaning.

How does a movable floor work in your swimming pool?

The Variopool movable floor is a floating concept. Its entire structure floats on the water and the floor is pulled down by means of stainless-steel cables. In this way it is adjusted to the desired height. This is done via an electronic panel in the wall or in the lifeguard’s room. The floor has an enormous floating capacity, and it is even possible to hold events on it when it is in the highest position. Think of water football, fashion shows and graduation ceremonies. We have many examples of this. Expand the possibilities with bulkheads.  

Available with patented water inlet system

An invention of Variopool! A movable floor that is equipped with a patented water inlet system. The result is ingenious! The result is a completely new water inlet system that we are happy to tell you about and which will benefit you. Our International Account Manager Erik Vos can tell you all about it. Please contact Erik at or call +31 (0)6 53 82 34 01