Movable floor public pools

A movable pool floor is indispensable in a modern, contemporary swimming pool. If you are unfamiliar with this concept, you may wonder what the benefits are. We have listed them on this page. The Variopool movable pool floor for public pools are designed on the basis of a floating concept.

High-quality movable pool floor for public swimming pools

The system consists of stainless steel and/or plastic parts. Any desired depth can be set using cables. These cables are fully resistant to long-term immersion in swimming pool water and also allow a high load. Our technicians work exclusively with high-quality materials so that the movable pool floor in the public pool lasts longer than twenty years. We can realize movable floors in almost any size so that they are suitable for many applications.

The Variopool movable floors for public pools meet the highest quality standard, also with regard to hygienic requirements. On the surface of the floor, are grids that ensure that the water circulation is not interrupted. The drive system is located outside the basin, which excludes water pollution from hydraulic oil. The movable pool floor is equipped with access hatches, which allow divers and cleaning robots access under the bottom for maintenance and cleaning.

Available with patented water inlet system

An innovation of Variopool! Our engineers went to work to obtain good water circulation in the pool. The outcome is brilliant! A completely new water inlet system has been devised which we would also like to tell you about and what your advantage is. Our International Account Manager John Gielesen can tell you all about this. Feel free to contact John via +31 (0) 6 51 59 48 89.

Movable swimming pool floors for therapy pools or private use

Next to the fact that we produce and install these floors for public pools, we also fabricate them for therapy pools (Hydrotherapy) or for your private swimming pool. You will find all the additional information on our other websites. In short, for every swimming pool, we have the right solution.