Horizontal traversable bulkheads

Horizontal or traversable bulkheads can divide a pool in virtually any position. The bulkhead can easily be moved manually by two persons pushing it through the water or automatically using a set of Boom Mover Buggies. With a bulkhead, you can realize and organize more activities in your swimming pool complex. After positioning the bulkhead you can even walk over them. Now you have divided your swimming pool into two sections. Watch our You Tube channel for more information about this product.

Now you can have more activities in your pool. On one side people can swim and on the other side you can organize activities for children. Just let your imagination run wild.

Horizontal bulkheads for dividing your swimming pool

You can split one swimming pool into two sections which create more possibilities without having to increase the water surface. Horizontal traversable bulkheads are really easy to use for the swimming pool staff. We think that is a big advantage! In no-time, the pool complex can be totally changed into a multifunctional Aquatic Center.

More activities in the same swimming pool

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