Horizontal traversable bulkheads

One of the bulkheads offered by Variopool are the horizontal traversable bulkheads. The Variopool horizontally traversable bulkhead allow you to divide the pool into almost any position you like. The bulkhead can be easily and quickly moved using two so-called electric boom mover buggies. A mover buggy is a small electric vehicle to which the horizontal bulkhead is connected. Then the wall is lifted up a little bit and the moving can start. After the bulkhead has been placed correctly, it is anchored in the platform. Besides this type of bulkhead, we also offer hinged bulkheads and vertical version. Even with multiple sections. On this website you will find information about various products of the Variogroup. Please feel free to get in contact with one of our International Account managers.

Horizontal traversable bulkheads on every position in your swimming pool

The horizontal bulkhead can be placed at the side of the pool or halfway, so that you can develop various activities in the two created areas. It is also possible to place starting blocks or a fence on the horizontal bulkhead. Watch the video about the operation of the electric boom mover buggies on our YouTube channel! We regularly post instructional videos of our products and installations here.

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