Traversable bulkheads

One of the bulkheads offered by Variopool is the traversable bulkhead, available in two versions. With Variopool’s traversable bulkhead, the pool can be divided into virtually any conceivable position. The wall can be easily and quickly moved using two electric boom mover buggies. A boom mover buggy is an electric cart to which the traversable bulkhead is attached. It is then lifted slightly, and pool staff can proceed to move it. After properly positioning the bulkhead, it is anchored into the pool deck.

Traversable bulkhead at almost any position in your pool

The traversable bulkhead can be placed on the side of the pool or halfway through so that various activities can be carried out in the two resulting sections. It is also possible to install starting blocks or a fence on the bulkhead. Check out the video demonstrating the operation of the electric boom mover buggies on our YouTube channel! We regularly post instructional videos about our products and installations.

2-sections traversable bulkhead for Enhanced Options

Using a two-part traversable bulkhead offers the pool optimal flexibility, allowing different groups to safely use the pool simultaneously and configure the pool in various ways. The advantage  is that it creates a secure barrier between shallow and deeper water, as well as between different activities. It consists of a robust frame made of stainless steel 316L, carefully designed to withstand all expected loads, including its own weight and the impact of diving and rotating swimmers.

The frame is covered with durable, anti-slip polypropylene panels in the RAL 9010 white color. Furthermore, the panels feature specially designed perforated slots that ensure maximum and continuous water circulation. The 2-section bulkhead is shifted using embedded floor guide rails, allowing it to be placed at predetermined positions within the pool. Moving the bulkhead is accomplished using a special drive unit.